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Makes cleaning your silver almost as much fun as tarnishing it.@by ALF

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ALF is my most favorite TV program. ALF came from the Planet Melmac and lives with Tanners. He is not a dog! He is an alien!
Unfortunately, ALF was over years ago in the States, I hear. Here in Japan, ALF has returned! The second (or third?) run of ALF is now on in Japan. If you love ALF strongly enough, why don't you move to Japan? :-)
So, let's get going!

*Unfortunately, ALF has just ended in Japan today--April 4, 1997.


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  • Basic Knowledge of the Program
  • Basic Knowledge of the Story
  • How did it begin?
  • The name of ALF
  • What is ALF?
  • Charactors
  • --Tanners
  • --Ocmoneks
  • --Others
  • People who know ALF

    Basic Knowledge of the Program

    In Japan, this is the second (or third?) run. They broadcast on NHK-Kyoiku on every Thursday from 18:25 to 18:50.
    And today, April 4, 1997, ALF has just ended.

    ALF originally was broadcasted from 1986 to 1990 in U.S. on NBC.
    I hear it was on Monday.

    Basic Knowledge of the Story

    How did it begin?
    Gordon Schumway a.k.a. ALF crashed on Earth on September 22, 1986. Because his home planet Melmac had exploded by the nuclear war.
    He mad a force landing at Tanners, 136 Himdale, Los Angeles California.

    The name of ALF
    ALF stands for Alien Life Form, of course. Alf could be Alfred, so it's a good name for the hidden alien, I think.

    What is ALF?
    He is from the Planet Melmac. So he is Melmacian. In the TV show he is now 232 years old (in Japanese dubbing, he is still 231 years old). He is old enough, but still childish, and very very reckless. He is clumsy because of his thick fingers. On top of that he is so careless. So it's natural he always breaks things.
    He has eight stomachs. I don't know from that or not, he is greedy. He eats everything but raw spinach and Jell-O pumpkin. He like cats especially. But he seems eats cats litte on Earth.

    Willie and his family let such an alien live with them, keep him from finding others, take care of him and a lot of troubles.
    Willie, you are the man!


    the Tanners

    Willie Tanner
    The husband of the Tanners. He is a social worker. He interested in science. He is little timid, but very very nice guy. If he isn't, how he could forgive Alf after all?
      I'm sure you can remember that Alf threatened President of the States (so Willie was arrested instead of him), blew up their kitchen, ate all the turkey by himself on Thanksgiving Day (even worse, he eat raw!), and so on...
    Alf calls him Wilco once in a while.

    Kate Tanner
    The wife of the Tanners. At first, she had so hated Alf.
    She is the one who could scare Alf most.

    Lynn Tanner
    The daughter of Tanners. If I remember correctly, she was colleage student at the first season. But in the last episode of second season (#52 Varsity Drag), she was going to attend the college... Well, let's forget it.
    At the beginning, she wore bridges on her teeth (I wonder if this is right English), now she became so beautiful, didn't she? (In Japan, the third season now)
    She is called Linnie sometimes.

    Brian Tanner
    The son of the Tanners. He is an elementary school pupil.
    He is called Bri and B (Bee?) sometimes.

    The Tanners' pet cat.
    At first, Alf eagerd to eat Lucky. But now Alf has become the family member, so he'll never try to eat him.

      "But don't get too comfortable." said Alf to Lucky. Ha!
    Alf had been afraid he would not be loved no longer if baby would be born. He is so nervous that he got an allergy for babies. Poor silly Alf...
    Think of the baby, it'll grow up with alien with no wonder. He'll think every family naturally has an alien or two, I guess. It's funny, isn't it?

    the Ocmoneks

    Trevor Ochmonek
    The Ochmonek is the next to the Tanners. Trevor is the husband of the Ocmooneks. He is a pushy man. He's too thick-skinned to mind coming in the Tanners when they are in the middle of thier meal. He often eat Alf's meal (because Alf have to hide when he comes, of course)
      @@"Whose meal is this?" Trevor asked.

    Raquel Ocmonek
    The wife of the Ocmoneks. She's pushier than her husband. She's a gossip. She's always meddling in others' affairs, peeping into others' house. So it's the natural course of events that she witnessed Alf a few times, isn't it? Of course Alf managed to handle it very well.
    She tend to be obsessed with a wrong idea, and is easily to get hysterical, so anyone can't stop her. Raquel and Trevor often have a quarrel, but they really love deeply each other. (What a couple!)

    Jake Ocmonek
    The nephew of Trevor. He lives with the Ocmoneks because his father is doing time. He had spent the live with bunch of itinerant Ocmonics, and he has finally settled himselfe in the Ocmoneks.

      "Believe it or not, aunt Raquel and uncle Trevor are best of a lot," Jake said.
    No, I can't believe it.

    He happened to see Alf in the first day of the Ocmoneks. He pretends to be bad guy, but he's really nice actually, so that he keeps from telling anyone about Alf.
    He also is the master of repair. He can fix anything, so Alf owes him much.


    Kate's mother. She once came to the Tanners because of lonliness. She told them she would leave soon but she wouldn't. Couldn't stand hiding in the garage anymore, Alf showed himself in front of her. Although they hate each other at first, they relate to each other now.
    Grandma Dorothy now remarried and live happily.

    She is a blind lady. When she appeared in radio counseling program, Alf called her up and they became know each other. She can't see Alf, so she still believes that Alf is a human being.
    When they demolished her apartment, Jody had been staying the Tanners for a while.

    Larry is a friend of Willie. He is a shrink. When Alf once got worse, Willie consulted him.
    Larry also cured Alf when he got a spilt personality.

    Alf's girlfriend. Melmacian. Alf waited seventeen years before he asked her out. The day after that the planet Melmac exploded.
    Alf once succeeded in contacting with Ronda and had her pick him up on earth. It was on Brian's birthday. Alf couldn't apart from the Tanners so he broke the promise that he was waiting on the roof. He's a realy family member, isn't it?

    Here are people who know ALF.

    • Willie
    • Kate
    • Lynn
    • Brian
    • Neal (after the episode 'THE FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE')
    • Dorothy
    • Whizzer (after the episode 'BREAK UP TO MAKE UP')
    • Jake
    • Jody (She believes ALF is human being.)
    • Larry

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